Buzzy Bee City Challenge
The Buzzy Bee GPS City Challenge is a self-guided walking tour, which shows you the old city of Chiang Mai of the beaten track. You will visit interesting, but less famous spots in the city. You pass many famous places as well. Hoping to give you a new perspective on the city.
At every stop you get a question to answer. The answer to that question will give you access to the next page. This page then will give you more interesting details about the place where you are and the relevant information for your next stop.
The total walk is about 8 km, of course you can make extra meters if you decide to explore areas more intensive. Don’t forget to enjoy what you see around you on your way anyway.
Start at any time that fits you best, but be aware that we send access codes after payment only between 8am and 6pm. Payments received outside this timeframe have to wait till the next morning. Between 8am and 10pm you can contact us in case of required assistance during your stroll through the city.
Walk in your own tempo, no need to rush. Take your time as you want, to have a closer look on your way, to take a drink or to enjoy some nice local food.
The only things you need is a telephone with internet and a browser installed and walking shoes.
After booking you will receive an email at your registered email-address with starting point, a link to the tour and an access code you need to access the link. It can take up to 30 minutes to receive the email. Please also check your spam folder. Once you used the access code to log in on the startpage you have 12 hours to finish your tour. So no need to hurry, but don’t login yet if you don’t want to start soon!

Temporary limited tours free available. If you select this option, please provide us feedback and recommendations for improvement afterwards. Also allow us to contact you back once, if we want to understand your feedback better. Thanks in advance!

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